Betta Splendens - Siamese Fighting Fish

Keeping Your Aquarium Fish Alive and Happy

Scores of people have many times unsuccessfully tried to maintain an aquarium and ended up becoming frustrated because of all the effort they put up to ensure that the fish stay alive. The major reasons why many aquarium projects fail is because most would be aquarists do the wrong things. You might be one of those who wish things would have worked and wonder just where you went wrong. Outlined below are reasons why your aquarium fish keep dying.

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Red Oscar Astronotus ocellatus

Little Known Aquarium Facts

Aquariums were once a status symbol — now they are a popular hobby…¬†Ever since their inception, the aquariums have caught the fancy of all levels of society as a popular hobby or as a status symbol by the rich and elite. Over the years, aquariums have been designed as coffee tables, sinks, and toilets. A custom built elaborate aquarium specially designed and commissioned for homes of the rich and famous can cost thousands of dollars. The modern aquariums have evolved into a specialized system varying from a small bowl to huge public aquaria simulating the entire marine ecosystem.

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Freshwater Aquariums

Aquarium keeping is a popular hobby enjoyed by many people around the world because it provides endless hours of entertainment. Kids can get an education about the ecosystem in an aquarium.  Watching and maintaining a colorful and beautiful aquarium can provide adults a way to forget their problems and to just unwind from a stressful day at work. Continue reading

Clown Fish

Saltwater Aquariums

Fish keeping is a popular hobby that is all about keeping fish either in a home aquarium or in a pond. Maintaining freshwater fish in an aquarium is a more popular hobby with enthusiasts. However, there are many experienced fish keeping hobbyists who start and maintain saltwater fish aquariums. These are more difficult to maintain and the fishes are more expensive. This article aims to provide you with some tips that will help you to start and maintain your own saltwater aquarium. Continue reading